Sharon has an artistic vision that would help transport your goals and strategies to the winner’s circle whatever your area of endeavor. She has unique insights that would showcase you in the best light. Highly recommended for her professionalism and commitment to deliver strong results.

Web design extraordinaire
Moira Lesslar, former Senior Manager of the National Kidney Foundation (Singapore)

Having worked with Sharon on several high profile, high impact projects, it is without a doubt that she is a true creative talent in her field. She has single-handedly increased the visibility of several of our key projects while ensuring that our messages are communicated in a powerful, effective and consistent manner. She has the uncanny ability to reach out to all target segments – whether local professionals, international experts or members of the Singapore public.

She ensured that our messages were communicated in a powerful, effective and consistent manner
Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, Medical and Scientific Director of Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, Singapore

Sharon has great ideas that translate to success, and is willing to share her expertise. She understands and adapts her solutions to suit unique needs. She’s a great mentor and inspires people to push themselves to achieve their best.

She’s a great mentor and inspires people
Divya Sangam, Global PR & Communications Specialist, United States

My initial reservations of you were transformed by your relentless pursuit to define a new paradigm of communication for the NKF. You wanted the best. You persisted to produce remarkable work hitherto unseen in the annals of NKF’s history. Your innovative designs won international accolades with NKF winning both Gold and Silver Awards in the Wilmer Shields Rich Awards for Excellence in Communications in 2001…I want you to know that your toil, zest and contribution will live in our hearts and the lives of the thousands of patients, their families and children we have helped to save.

Your innovative designs won international accolades
TT Durai, Former CEO/Honorary Secretary, National Kidney Foundation, Singapore

Great designer and produces very high-quality results with minimal direction. Able to provide a quick turnaround for emergency projects. Highly recommended.

Great designer producing high-quality work
Ammar Moiz, COO, Counselytics, United States

Her ideas about social media promotions have moved my online presence from zero to over 6500 view in less than 5 days. Without her input and encouragement, I would still be here staring at the computer screen. Outstanding work!

Sharon Vaz is one of the most gifted consultants I have ever worked with
Dr. Harvey Robbins, Business Psychologist and Author of “Why Teams Don’t Work,” United States

Sharon Vaz is a remarkable talent. She has the ability to take a person with only the sketchiest ideas of needs, and translate them into images of enduring quality. She does this in a disarmingly mild manner, accessing professional resources that bring out the nuances of content, contrast, light, and mood. From color scheme to logo to layout to pictures: the website has been a journey of learning, developing, and creating, nurtured by the patient and personal efforts of Sharon. It has always been a delightful education working with her. She is someone who is at once professional, creative, organized, systematic, unrelenting, and brings such heart to her projects. The results speak for themselves.

She brings such heart to her projects
Dr Low Wye Mun, MBBS, MMed (Public Health), MSS (Sports Medicine), Pacific Healthcare Specialist Centre, Singapore

The Powerpoint design was excellent. I had a short deadline and they were able to complete a great work product in a short amount of time. I would not hesitate to hire Sharon Vaz again.

Completed a great work product in a short amount of time
Dr. Jeffrey Bodle, MD, Medris Healthcare Solutions, United States

I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon in the past. Now, not only does Sharon possess excellent design, art direction, copywriting, and project and people management skills, but she also has a thorough understanding of branding and positioning. When you’re working with Sharon, you can quickly see that she is extremely efficient, organized, meticulous and friendly. If you’re looking for a partner who is creative, honest, reliable and efficient, I can recommend Sharon to you as the perfect candidate.

She also has a thorough understanding of branding and positioning
Elliot Townson, Executive Creative Director, Jaab Global, Singapore

Thank you, Sharon, for creating an outstanding cover for my book “Bad Reviews: How to Make Good Use of Feedback.” I really appreciate you working so quickly and competently. In addition to the superior design, this project really benefited from you communicating in a very friendly and supportive way. Thank you again for your part in making my book a success story, starting with the launch. The mixture of creativity, competence, and friendliness you display in your work has a name: Excellence!

Excellent job!
Tom Oberbichler, Author of Bad Reviews: How to Make Good Use of Feedback

As a web marketer and writer, I was excited to meet Sharon in Singapore when doing a workshop there. Her insights and forthright ideas were direct and to the point, so much so that I revised my entire strategy from then on, and implemented new blogging, photography and social networking strategies to fit the model she proposed. Eventually, I wrote the book I’d always wanted to, and dedicated a chapter to Sharon and some of the nuggets of online wisdom she had shared with me.

I wrote the book I’d always wanted to, and dedicated a chapter to Sharon
Mark Davis, Author & Motivational Speaker, Australia

Sharon is one of those people who gets things done, but not like the others; her professionalism makes her stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Her professionalism makes her stand head and shoulders above the rest
Richard Elwell, High Performance Coach, Ethical Influence, UK